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Fabrication of conveyor automation with dimension inspection

Push operated Agriculture spray Pump for Garden

Automatic Motorized oil mill Mechanism

Assistive limb for physically challenged people

Automatic Water level Sensing Crane

Fabrication of Portable Slotting Machine

Fabrication of Pneumatic garage door opener

Fabrication of wood grooving Machine

Fabrication of drainage cleaning Machine

Fabrication of Rubber tree tapping Machine

Conveyor for quality control Machine

Design and Fabrication of human air bag

Hydraulic clamping device with power pack

Pneumatic double side cutting time reduction in shaper

Fabrication Magnetic Power Generation

Motorized Radial sheet bending and Cutting Machine

Motorized Pipe Cutting Machine using quick return Mechanism

Automation of Vibro cleaning process in a typical Die casting industry

Automatic Drilling and Tapping Machine

Development of low cost ball milling Machine

Fabrication of Torsion (spring) testing Machine

Electro chemical drilling Machine

Boiler automation with Digital steam Power plant

Digital Hydraulic Spring Testing Machine

Fabrication of Coconut tree sprayer

Fabrication of a low cost surface finishing Machine

PLC based Automatic Rotary Water Bottle filling Machine

Fabrication of Multi-purpose Cutter

Automatic Dosa making Machine

Fabrication of Motorized plant Cutter

Fabrication of Coir Making Machine

Fabrication of Eccentric punching Machine

Fabrication of Centrifugal Pump apparatus

Motorized wood Cutting Machine

Fabrication of Multipurpose Seed Sowing Machine

Automatic grass cutting by using Sensor

Fabrication of potato chips making Machine

Fabrication of Motorized Agri Cutter

Pedal operated Hacksaw with mobile charge

Automatic Rubber processing Machine

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